Macarthur Weasleys Quidditch Club

COVID-19 UPDATE: As of December 2020, the Macarthur Weasleys Quidditch Club is on hiatus for the foreseeable future. You can still contact us at with any questions.

All quidditch in NSW is currently suspended due to the Sydney/NSW lockdown. The next event scheduled is the 2021 Australian Quidditch Championships in Melbourne, December 4th & 5th. Check the Quidditch Australia website, Quidditch Australia facebook page or the Quidditch NSW facebook page for current events and activities.

During the heavily restricted 2020 season we held the odd training session, but in that time, club founders Arfy and Clare decided to put all club operations on hold. The lack of 2020 events due to Covid-19 restrictions made it very difficult to recruit new members, and several key Weasleys players retired from the game.

Arfy will continue to be involved on tournaments days when he’s available. The Weasleys donated some of their gear to the Sydney City Serpents / QNSW for hosting tournaments.

Clare and Arfy are focusing on their side hustle – Clarfy Industries – while also building a new house which will feature a home commercial kitchen to build on their business. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Who we are

The Macarthur Weasleys is a community-based quidditch club located in the Campbelltown/Macarthur region, and were the longest running community team in NSW, operating from 2013 to 2020.

Players of any age, gender or ability were welcome to try out and join in on the fun, whether you are nerdy, sporty, or a mixture of both!!

In addition to running the club, the Weasleys took huge pride in hosting several state tournaments and one national tournament at Minto’s Kayess Park, running our famous “Brought From the Burrow” barbecue and canteen, thanks to Arfy & Clare (Clarfy Industries) and our amazing club volunteers (see Out Team).

The club participated in the following events:

Weekly training sessions / Have-a-try sessions
Most recently we ran Saturday sessions at Minto’s Victoria Park (next to the PCYC), plus occasional sessions in Padstow (for our friends closer to the city) and Wollongong (for our partner teams, Wollongong Warriors and Illawarra Unregistered Animagi). Previous training locations included Thomas Acres Reserve, Koshigaya Park, Birriwa Reserve, Campbelltown City Library and originally Western Sydney University Campbelltown.

Private sessions with community groups, businesses, schools, vac care and kids parties
Quidditch is a unique fitness activity that is fun for kids and adults alike. We conducted demonstrations and/or have-a-try sessions with local community groups, businesses, schools and parties.

NSW Quidditch League
We competed in monthly tournaments against 14 teams from all across Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong. These are full-day tournaments where each team plays 3 or 4 games in one day. Tournament players must be at least 16 years old.

Australian Quidditch Championships
This is the largest Australian quidditch event of the year, and sees all the country’s teams come together to compete for a full weekend in December! In 2019, the Weasleys hosted the Championships at Kayess Park, Minto.

State Shield
The country’s best players are selected to represent teams from NSW, VIC & QLD and compete for a full weekend of high intensity quidditch, and featured Weasleys players.

Quidditch World Cup
Yes, there is a real quidditch World Cup! The Australian representative team – the Dropbears – won the 2016 World Cup in an upset win against USA. The 2018, 2014 and 2012 events featured Weasleys players.

Free Comic Book Day – Campbelltown City Library
Our favourite event where we ran quidditch demonstrations and games for kids, and also exhibited at other events such as Ingleburn Alive & Fishers Ghost Festival.

Members / players of the club can participate at any level they like, be it just for fun at local sessions, right through to playing at the Australian Championships.

The Macarthur Weasleys quidditch team is an official member team of Quidditch Australia and Quidditch NSW.

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