2019 Weasleys Year In Review

2019 was a huge year for the Weasleys, with many new achievements under our belts such as hosting our first QUAFL (Australian Quidditch Championships), finishing 1st in regular Division 2 season of the NSW Quidditch League, and hosting our first ever charity tournament.

So busy in fact that while our social media presence is always strong, we only managed to published one website article this entire year! Now that we’re on holiday we’ve got some time on our hands, so feel free to join us on our introspective journey through the year that was 2019!

Macarthur Fantasy Tournament

In January 2019 we hosted the second annual instalment of our very own Macarthur Fantasy Quidditch Tournament. It’s a small, one-day fantasy draft tournament made of 4 teams and a cap of 64 players – a chilled out affair compared to the more major Valkyries and Victorian Fantasy tournaments.

To address the lack of female representation in on-pitch leadership roles in quidditch, our new goal for Macarthur Fantasy was to provide an environment for female players to feel more comfortable & confident in stepping up for these roles. Our aim was to see an increased female representation in key roles such as Snitch Runner, Head Referee, General Manager, Speaking captain and Seeker. So we introduced some tournament “house rules” which invited only females in these roles.

The positive response to the event was very encouraging, with a number of female players stepping up to volunteer for the key roles of 8 snitch runners, 6 head referees, 5 applicants for general managers and a number of seekers. 

We invited veteran referees and players Natalie Astalosh and Elle Crumpton to come along and be on hand mentoring/shadowing the new referees during every match. Dameon Osborn also provided some one-on-one snitch training, which saw some great new female seekers emerge from the tournament. 

We also decided to revamp our MVP award system. This change was inspired by the lack of female award recipients at the 2018 Australian Nationals (QUAFL), where each team would vote for their opposing team’s MVP after each match. Out of the 24 MVP winners, 23 of these awards went to non-females. So we decided to split our awards into gender categories for Macarthur Fantasy:

  • Best Female quaffle player
  • Best non-female quaffle player
  • Best Female beater
  • Best non-female beater
  • Best seeker

We like to think that the new system we introduced at Macarthur Fantasy inspired Quidditch Australia to adapt a similar system for 2019 State Shield and QUAFL.

In late December we announced Macarthur Fantasy 2020 to be held on Saturday February 22. The tournament will further develop the focus on female leadership roles, this time introducing mandatory female Keepers. Registration will open January 2020, the Facebook event can be found here.

Pink Up Campbelltown Charity Quidditch Tournament

In October 2019 the Weasleys, in partnership with Campbelltown City Library, ran our first ever Charity Quidditch Tournament, in support of the 2019 “Pink Up Campbelltown” campaign. Pink Up is a McGrath Foundation initiative during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aimed to place breast cancer nurses where they are needed most across Australia. Our event was a huge success, where we fundraised $663, all donated to the McGrath Foundation.

The day consisted of friendly quidditch games and activities involving 30 participants who ranged from experienced quidditch players to people who were trying quidditch for the first time. We donned pink bibs and decorated our goals and brooms pink to help PINK UP Campbelltown on the day.

We also ran a raffle, with prizes kindly donated by Sonya Moulang from Bar Centrale, Fastlane Karting Sydney, Cr Ben Gilholme and Ashleigh. A massive thank you to our prize donors, and everyone who attended, made donations, bought raffle tickets, and helped us spread the word!

Mayor Cr George Brticevic supported our event by visiting one of our training sessions beforehand, and Cr Ben Gilholme who has been a great supporter of the Weasleys tried playing for the first time.

And a huge thanks to Campbelltown City Library for partnering with us to use their lawn, and all the support from Campbelltown City Council. Special thanks to players from other clubs who participated – Wollongong Warriors, Illawarra Unregistered Animagi, Hills Hippogriffs, Macquarie Marauders and UTS Opaleyes.

Weasleys co-host the QUAFL 2019 Australian Quidditch Championships

The Weasleys had an exhaustingly busy November & December, partnering with Quidditch Australia to host the 2019 Australian Quidditch Championships at Minto’s Kayess Park on December 7-8.

While Quidditch Australia took care of the tournament format, schedule, media and gameplay, the Weasleys volunteered their efforts to prepare the venue and equipment for the tournament, and to manage the canteen, catering to 360 players over 2 days from all across the country.

With catastrophic bushfires surrounding Sydney, dangerous air quality threatened to cancel the event and Quidditch Australia were forced to examine alternative venues away from the smoke and ash. At midday the day before the tournament, it was finally decided that the Championships would go ahead and remain in Minto, and the Weasleys and the QUAFL committee were finally able to commit to setting up Kayess Park for the event.

Going in to the Championships, the Weasleys were placed 10th out of the 20 competing teams from across the country. Being seeded in Pod 3 of 5, the Weasleys would face higher-seeded USYD Unspeakables and USC Dementors, and lower-seeded Monash Mudbloods and Wollongong Warriors. On paper, the Weasleys were expected to beat the Mudbloods & Warriors, but both lower-seeded teams benefited from borrowing players from non-qualifying teams, the Melbourne Unicorns and South Melbourne Centaurs.

On Day 1, the Weasleys needed to win 2 of their 4 games to qualify for the Round of 12 Finals. Unfortunately the Mudbloods were a little too good for the Weasleys, defeating us with a snitch catch that stopped us from making the finals.

The day started well for the Weasleys with a strong win over Wollongong. The Weasleys then faced the strong USC Dementors, expectedly losing by a large margin. The Weasleys put up a very strong fight against USYD’s A-team and NSW Grand Finalists, the Unspeakables. The Weasleys took an early lead and seemed to have the Unspeakables a little shaken, but USYD slowly gained the upper hand and eventually broke out of snitch range. The Weasleys were only 10 points out of snitch range when seekers were released, but as the Unspeakables began to dominate quaffle play, the Weasleys caught the snitch for a respectable 120-80* loss against a top Division 1 NSW team.

The Weasleys started their Day 2 positional playoffs with a great 150*-60 win over NSW Division 1 club Newcastle Fireballs. The Weasleys carried high spirits from this win to dominate their next game against the Brisbane City Bin Chickens. Our final game was against UQ Dumblebees, a battle for 13th position (the top position for teams who didn’t qualify for the finals). The Dumblebees were tough and forced the Weasleys to fight hard, but we managed to get 30 points ahead before catching our most important snitch of the day for the win to claim 13th place.

Day 1Weasleys 140*Wollongong Warriors 50
Day 1USC Dementors 160*Weasleys 30
Day 1USYD Unspeakables 120Weasleys 80*
Day 1Monash Mudbloods 130* Weasleys 90
Day 2Weasleys 150*Newcastle Fireballs 60
Day 2Weasleys 100Brisbane City Bin Chickens 60*
13th Place PlayoffWeasleys 120*UQ Dumblebees 60

The Weasleys achieved a number of club records and “firsts” at the QUAFL Australian Quidditch Championships:

  • The Weasleys are co-hosts of the Australian Quidditch Championships for the first time, with the tournament being held in Minto (and South West Sydney) for the first time
  • We won 4 of our 7 matches, winning more matches than we lost for the first time
  • We finished 13th, our best finishing rank since we began contesting the Championships in 2016.
  • We defeated Newcastle Fireballs 150*-60, which is the first time we’ve defeated a current NSW Division 1 team since the formation of divisions in 2018. This was also our biggest ever win against Newcastle.
  • We lost 80*-120 against USYD Unspeakables, this being the most points we’ve ever scored against Unspeakables in a single match. This also represents our best ever result against a QUAFL quarter finalist.
  • For the second year running, our star chaser Michael Moustakas was a QUAFL MVP finalist.

The community loved our “BROUGHT FROM THE BURROW” canteen, the entire food operation managed by Clare Thorn, the co-founder of the Weasleys & Clarfy Industries. We’d like to acknowledge and enormously everyone involved in helping us deliver our biggest canteen operation to date. We could not have done it without the generous support of our local community and friends!

Sausages from Blue Ribbon Quality Meats Leumeah were generously donated by Richard & Trudy Rodwell. Ken Shafer Auto Body provided their amazing trailer BBQ, while Sonya Moulang from Bar Centrale supplied and chopped a huge amount of onions.

Fiona Byrne supervised BBQ & food stall volunteers throughout the whole weekend, while Julie Murphy worked hard on the BBQ in addition to being our cheer squad. We were very grateful for our Weasleys community volunteers who were our BBQ cooks & servers – Richard & Trudy and friends, Chris and Lindy Armstrong, Andrew and Suzy White, John and Toula Papadam and Mark and Sue Chamberlain.

Cr Ben Gilholme helped Clare in the canteen all weekend along with Maddie Chamberlain between Weasleys games. Matt Armstrong lent us a trailer-load of equipment, while Anne Thorn, Bonnie Chamberlain, Jason Barr and Michael Andrew contributed their home-baked goods for the canteen. Cherie Moulang, Lincoln Macnamara & Ashleigh Fenech also lent us their eskis, tables and gazebos.

McDonald’s Gregory Hills provided us water dispensers, enabling us to provide free chilled water to all players. Our local first aiders Hands-On First Aid did a great job looking after our players. Thanks also to Brian Laul for visiting and featuring us on his Good Morning Macarthur program.

The Weasleys worked closely with Quidditch Australia and the 2019 QUAFL Committee to deliver this event, special thanks to Jamie Turbet, Alistair Yap, Harry Huang, Scott Palmer and Nicola Elizabeth Gertler for their support. Additional thanks to Huw Tomlinson and Matt Ingram for help with setup and to Tom Dortmans, Logan Davis, Kara Smith and Matt Armstrong for help with line-marking.

Weasleys crowned Minor Premiers of NSW Quidditch League Division 2

The Weasleys finished 1st at the end of the Division 2 regular NSW Quidditch League season, which is the first time we’ve ever topped any competition in our club history. We’d like to thank our coach Arlyta Andrew and all Weasleys players for making such a great achievement possible!

We won 13 out of our 14 ranked round robin matches, losing only to the Wollongong Warriors in an upset loss in Round 1. Our 13 wins broke our club record of most games won in a single NQL season. 12 of these were consecutive wins, breaking our club record for our biggest winning streak in a season.

Unfortunately we did not perform well on Finals day in October, losing our first two matches to UTS Opaleyes and USYD Unbreakables, and therefore failing to qualify for the Grand Final.

Season highlights for the Weasleys included defeating the Macquarie Marauders for the first time in our club’s history with a 150*-60 win in NSW Quidditch League Round 1 on our home turf at Kayess Park.

We notably defeated UNSW Snapes on a Plane on the two occasions we played them; they went on to win the Grand Final to take the NSW Division 2 Championship title.


FriendliesWeasleys 130 Wollongong Warriors 40*
FriendliesNorth Sydney Nightmares 90Weasleys 60*
FriendliesWeasleys 90 USYD Unforgivables 30*
Round 1Weasleys 150* Macquarie Marauders 60
Round 1Wollongong Warriors 140*Weasleys 120
Round 1Weasleys 160*USYD Unbreakables 110
Round 2Weasleys 100* UTS Opaleyes 30
Round 2Weasleys 120*UNSW Snapes on a Plane 90
Round 2Weasleys 160*USYD Unforgivables 20
Round 3Weasleys 100*Hills Hippogriffs 30
Round 3Weasleys 110*Wollongong Warriors 30
Round 3Weasleys 100*USYD Unbreakables 10
Round 4Weasleys 160USYD Unforgivables 50*
Round 4Weasleys 120UNSW Snapes on a Plane 100*
Round 4Weasleys 80*Macquarie Marauders 40
Round 5Weasleys 150*UTS Opaleyes 40
Round 5Weasleys 110*Hills Hippogriffs 40
FinalsUTS Opaleyes 100*Weasleys 70
FinalsUSYD Unbreakables 90*Weasleys 80
FinalsWeasleys 60Macquarie Marauders 20

Other community events

In addition to the major events we hosted in 2019, the Weasleys engaged in a number of community events:

  • Camden Healthy Living Expo
  • Vacation Care sessions with Currans Hill Public School
  • Free Comic Book Day with Campbelltown City Library
  • Macarthur Wizarding World at Oz Funland with the Horntails
  • Fishers Ghost Festival – Hero Hub
  • International Games Day with Campbelltown City Library
  • We supplied 2 full sets of quidditch equipment for Ruse and Kentlyn Public Schools

Our 2019 Squad Lineup

The Weasleys were very happy to welcome a number of new recruits throughout 2019:

  • Blake Huthnance (15 games)
  • Eric Murphy (18 games)
  • Jellie Ann Morales (2 games)
  • Karrie Thorne (16 games)
  • Nathan Houston (3 games)
  • Nathan Willard (15 games)
  • Samuel Simmons (2 games)
  • Sarah Moss (3 games)
  • Tiffanie Tran (3 games)
  • we also welcomed Zoe Cheong (10 games) and Nathan McLeod (3 games) as temporary members from ANU Owls (ANU did not qualify for QUAFL so a few of their players transferred to other clubs.
Weasleys Players through the ages. Current players are in bold.

2019 Quidditch NSW Awards

The Weasleys won a record number of Quidditch NSW awards in 2019:

  • Spirit of Quidditch: Arfy Papadam
  • Best & Fairest (Division 2): Arfy Papadam
  • Best Seeker (Division 2): Arlyta Andrew
  • Best Chaser (Non-male, Division 2): Arlyta Andrew
  • Top Goal Scorer (Non-male, Division 2): Arlyta Andrew
  • Top Goal Scorer (Male, Division 2): Michael Moustakas
  • Best Keeper (Honourable Mention, Division 2): Michael Moustakas
  • Honourable Mention – Top Goal Scorer (Non-male, Division 2): Ashleigh Fenech
  • Honourable Mention – Best Beater (Male, Division 2): Ricky Andrew

A big year for Arfy

2019 was a busy year for Weasleys co-founder Arfy Papadam who manages the club and is the Weasleys team representative to Quidditch Australia and Quidditch NSW. Arfy volunteered for a number of additional projects in 2019:

  • Social Media and website maintenance for Quidditch NSW
  • Starting QNSW TV, a project for filming and publishing various QNSW matches
  • Qualified as a head referee for the first time and head refereed at NQL Round 5 & the NQL finals
  • Assistant Referee volunteer at State Shield (Melbourne) and QNSW Division 1 Grand Final
  • Logistics Director for 2019 QUAFL (Australian Quidditch Championships)

Co-founders Arfy and Clare also lead the Weasleys to host a number of major events in 2019 at Kayess Park, Minto:

  • Macarthur Fantasy Tournament (January)
  • NSW Quidditch League Round 1 (April)
  • NSW Quidditch League Round 3 (August)
  • QUAFL Australian Quidditch Championships (December)

State Shield – Arlyta Andrew

Arlyta Andrew qualified for the NSW Bluetongues, the first Weasleys player to qualify for the NSW A-team (Arlyta qualified for the NSW B-team in 2017 and the Australian Dropbears in 2018). The Bluetongues defeated the VIC Leadbeaters in the tournament, making Arlyta’s the first Gold Medal for a Weasley in a representative tournament.

New jerseys for 2019 QUAFL

The Weasleys commissioned KatArt Illustrations to design a new team jersey which was revealed at the QUAFL Australian Quidditch Championships. Kat has previously worked with the Weasleys, providing the Ginny Weasley artwork that has been featured in our logo since 2013. The Weasleys ditched the red & white “Where’s Wally” jersey first designed for QUAFL 2016, in favour of a spiral lollypop background, topped with a melted candy rainbow and featuring signifincant animals associated with the Weasley family in Harry Potter:

  • the Weasel, Arthur Weasley’s patronus
  • Crookshanks, Hermione’s cat/kneazle
  • Errol, the Weasley family owl
  • Scabbers, the Weasley family rat

Social events

With quite a busy year for Arfy and Clare, we had a lot less social activities than we would have liked. But some standout club get-togethers included:

  • Bowling, Karaoke and Escape room at Kingpin Bowling Macarthur Square
  • Harry Potter Trivia Night at Ambarvale Hotel
  • Games night at Cam’s featuring Throw Throw Burrito and games
  • Our overnight stay for NQL Newcastle
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and the Store of Requirement (ok that was just Arfy and Clare but it felt like a Weasleys thing)
  • Club Christmas Party at Arlyta’s

We’re planning a team outing to Raging Waters in February, along with regular boardgame sessions and other activities throughout the year!

Happy Holidays!

The Weasleys would like to wish everyone an amazing holiday season!!

And a massive thank you to everyone involved across the quidditch community around the country and the world – players, volunteers, management, supporters, referees, schools, sponsors, first-aiders, partners, snitches, media, local councils, clubs, universities, state bodies, national bodies… you name it, if you’ve been involved in quidditch in ANY way, we thank you!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2020 for another big year of quidditch!

Weasleys players, club members, volunteers & supporters from the 2019 season!

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