Weasleys undefeated after Round 2

After Round 2 of the NSW Quidditch League played last weekend at Macquarie University, the Weasleys remain undefeated in Division 2 with 5 wins. This places them equal first with the University of Sydney Unbreakables, with the Weasleys just slightly ahead by 2 goals in Quaffle Point Difference (QPD).

Weasleys chasers Matthew Krishna and Bonnie Chamberlain test Wollongong’s strong defence at the hoops. Photo: KS Images.

Prior to the season starting, it was difficult to predict who would be the best of Division 2, with Weasleys, Unbreakables, UTS, UNSW and HiHo all being considered valid contenders. UNSW and UTS have traditionally been strong teams, though have the largest turnaround of players this year. The new hybrid team Hippogriffs / Horntails (HiHo) boast some experienced players, but suffer from having the smallest squad in the league. Unbreakables have a young squad who benefit from the huge University of Sydney player base, internal league and support network. The Weasleys squad has remains relatively unchanged since last year with many experienced players, granting them cohesion that the other teams may initially lack.

With the Weasleys having defeated UTS & HiHo in Round 1, and narrowly defeating Unbreakables in the March preseason, UNSW remained to be the Weasleys’ final unknown hurdle. On paper, the Weasleys host a stronger and more experienced squad and were tipped for the win. But having never beaten UNSW before, they were expecting a tough match.

And so began the Weasleys’ biggest challenge against UNSW at 9:50am.

Weasleys 100* def. UNSW Snapes on a Plane 40

Despite UNSW holding beater control for the opening few minutes, the Weasleys managed to hold out a 20-0 lead. However an uncharacteristic string of missed beats by the Weasleys against some crafty quaffle play by UNSW allowed the Snapes to take the lead back to 20-30.

The Weasleys regained composure and skipped off to a 70-40 lead, and star international chaser/seeker Arlyta Andrew made the important SWIM (Snitch When It Mattered) catch to seal a 100*-40 win.

Ricky Andrew on his return to the Weasleys squad after recovering from a fractured collar bone. Photo: KS Images.

Weasleys 150* def. Wollongong Warriors 20

The Weasleys went into this match knowing they needed a high QPD (quaffle point difference) to stay on top of the Unbreakables in the Division 2 rankings.

Squandering a very easy goal opportunity from the brooms-up call, the Weasleys seemingly set up a precedent for a game of sloppy quaffle play.

To Wollongong’s credit, they applied plenty of pressure in defence, and it was easily evident that they had improved immensely since their last clash with the Weasleys in the March preseason.

Regardless, the Weasleys were able to stack up a difference of 10 goals against the Warriors. This included a goal from newest Weasleys chaser Kara Smith, playing her tournament debut. The snitch was caught for a final score of 150*-20, a nice addition to the Weasleys QPD for the rankings.

The Weasleys will work hard over the June-July season break in order to improve their game for the next encounter with the Unbreakables and all the other vastly improving teams.

Jono Buiaroski (left) getting ever more comfortable in his new beater role, with new chaser Kara Smith (background) with the quaffle. Photo: KS Images.

Western Sydney QC 170* def. Weasleys 70 (friendly match)

With the official Division 2 games over, the Weasleys were able to relax for a non-ranked cross-divisional game against good friends Western Sydney QC.

Here both teams had some fun taking players out of their usual roles, with Cameron “The Mountain” Rodwell and Matthew Krishna taking on beating duties, with Heather Bowie seeking. Cam employed his new tactic of running and screaming towards his opposite beaters, eliciting plenty of laughs from on and off the pitch.

The Weasleys managed to stay ahead on the scoreboard for some of the match, but WSQC eventually ran away with a 170*-70 win.

Congratulations and thanks goes to Macquarie Marauders for hosting a great experience, with an all-day canteen, a sausage sizzle which most importantly included halloumi, veggie options and milkshakes. And some very nicely marked pitch lines.

The Macarthur Weasleys with the Wollongong Warriors. Photo: KS Images.

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