Round 2 Weasleys preview – NSW Quidditch League

Weasleys keeper Michael Moustakas charges up pitch looking for the passing option against the Unforgivables last month. Photo: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography.

Tomorrow will see the Macarthur Weasleys match up against UNSW Snapes on a Plane and Wollongong Warriors in Division 2 of the NSW Quidditch League held at Macquarie University, along with a friendly game against Western Sydney QC from Division 1.

After Round 1, the Weasleys are placed equal first in Division 2 with the University of Sydney Unbreakables. The Unbreakables have the easier draw against the two lowest placed teams tomorrow – Wollongong and Unforgivables – meaning the Weasleys will need to work a little harder to maintain first position.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.56.45 AM
Division 2 standings after Round 1. Image: Quidditch NSW website.


Similar to Round 1 last month, the Weasleys squad is not quite full strength, missing some key players. The absence of strong utility Maddie Chamberlain and beater Jason Barr will cause a dent in the Weasleys beater depth. However Ricky Andrew and Arfy Papadam will be back to bolster the beater stalwarts Jason Harris and Jason Taylor, along with newer trainee beaters Jonathon Buiaroski and Aaron Dodd.

The Weasleys are pleased to welcome brand new recruit Kara Smith to the squad, who will debut alongside the powerful female chaser lineup of Arlyta Andrew, Heather Bowie, Bonnie Chamberlain and Fiona Byrne tomorrow.

Another detriment to the Weasleys options for quaffle play will be the absence of keepers David Morrin and Matt Armstrong this month, along with chasers Jamie Liston out sick and Nick D having relocated to a rural area. However the Weasleys still have plenty of quaffle depth with Michael Moustakas and James Fenech as Keepers, and Mahdi Salim, Matthew Krishna and Cameron Rodwell to round out the chaser lineup.

To highlight some “round number milestones”, Arfy Papadam will be playing his 100th match with the Weasleys, and Arlyta Andrew will play her 60th match, both against Western Sydney QC tomorrow. Bonnie Chamberlain will play her 30th match against UNSW.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 11.25.16 AM


2-time Australian Champions UNSW Snapes on a Plane will be difficult to defeat. Despite being the team that arguably suffered the most from losing several veteran players to the Sydney City Serpents, they have some strong promising recruits and are among the top teams of Division 2 who have a chance of taking the title.

The Weasleys have never defeated UNSW, except for a match won due to forfeiture at the 2016 Midwinter Cup. Weasleys have not caught a snitch against UNSW since May 2016 at a “Triwiz” tournament in Wollongong. Interestingly, check out the pattern of Weasleys points scored over their last 6 matches against UNSW, which has decreased by 10 points almost every match. Plenty of room for improvement!

  • UNSW 110* def. Weasleys 0 (2017)
  • UNSW 120* def. Weasleys 10 (2017)
  • UNSW 160* def. Weasleys 20 (2016)
  • UNSW 130* def. Weasleys 40 (2016)
  • Weasleys 150 def. UNSW 0 (forfeit) (2016)
  • UNSW 120 def. Weasleys 50* (2016)
  • UNSW Snapes on a Plane 160 def. Weasleys 60* (2016)
  • UNSW Snapes on a Plane 90 def. Weasleys 40* (2015)
  • UNSW Snapes on a Plane 210* def. Weasleys 0 (2014)
  • UNSW Snapes on a Plane 130* def. Weasleys 10 (2014)


The Weasleys will then face their friends, the Wollongong Warriors. The Weasleys have always had close ties to the Wollongong club. For the 2017 season, the Warriors players joined the Weasleys squad in what was a very unlucky year for Warriors recruitment. Now the Warriors are back with some familiar faces and lots of talented new recruits bursting with potential.

The Weasleys are tipped for a strong win against Wollongong, but the Warriors can only improve exponentially with such a new squad. They’ll be hungry for a win, have been training hard and cannot be underestimated.

The Weasleys have been undefeated against the Warriors since October 2015, and have won 8 of their 11 total past encounters:

  • Weasleys 170 def. Wollongong 50* (2018)
  • Weasleys 150* def. Wollongong 0 (forfeit) (2016)
  • Weasleys 110* def. Wollongong 40 (2016)
  • Weasleys 130* def. Wollongong 70 (2016)
  • Weasleys 100 def. Wollongong 40* (2016)
  • Wollongong 140 def. Weasleys 90* (2015)
  • Weasleys 150* def. Wollongong 0 (forfeit) (2015)
  • Weasleys 170* def. Wollongong Warriors 20 (2015)
  • Wollongong 60* def. Weasleys 20 (2015)
  • Weasleys 70 def. Wollongong Warriors 60* (2015)
  • Wollongong 140 def. Weasleys 120* (2014)

3:40pm: WEASLEYS vs WESTERN SYDNEY QC (friendly match)

The Weasleys final match will pit them against Division 1 team Western Sydney QC (WSQC), in a cross-divisional friendly match. WSQC were notably Runners-Up of the 2016 Australian Quidditch Championships and are among the top 4 powerhouse teams of Division 1.

The Weasleys have never come close to defeating WSQC, though their most recent match at the March pre-season tournament  has yielded their smallest point difference, best defensive effort and most quaffle points scored against WSQC to date. The Weasleys will be eager to test themselves against Western Sydney, and can only hope to improve on previous results.

  • Western Sydney 100 def. Weasleys 60* (2018)
  • Western Sydney 140* def. Weasleys 10 (2017)
  • Western Sydney 170 def. Weasleys 40* (2017)
  • Western Sydney 110 def. Weasleys 50* (2017)
  • Western Sydney 250* def. Weasleys 10 (2016)
  • Western Sydney 220 def. Weasleys 40* (2016)


31788492_968232356685962_6677740771577167872_o (1)
Full May schedule, Divisions 1 & 2. The games with lines through them are cross-divisional friendly games. “Ars” = assistant referees”. Image: Quidditch NSW.

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