Weasleys at Campbelltown’s Fishers Ghost Festival

The Macarthur Weasleys Quidditch Club participated in Campbelltown’s local Fishers Ghost parade on the 5th of November and had a stall in the street fair on the 12th of November.

Fishers Ghost Parade

The Macarthur Weasleys team had lots of fun dressing up and participating in the Fishers Ghost parade that supported the local Campbelltown community and spread the word of quidditch about the developing fun sport that all ages can play.

The players dressed up as dementors (Clare Thorn and Maya Andrew), Lily Potter (Julia Baston), Bellatrix Lestrange (Jasmine Robinson), The Golden Snitch (Sam Legeret) and Weasley players (Arfy Papadam, Arlyta Andrew, Ricky Andrew).

The Fishers Ghost Parade provided an opportunity for the team to spread the word about the local community team and get the public interested in this wonderful sport. The team showed off their creativity by dressing up, chanting many songs including ‘Hogwarts School Hymn’ and ‘Weasley is our King’ during the parade and showing that no matter what gender or age you are that everyone is welcome to play quidditch. The team enjoyed participating in the parade and had lots of fun spreading the word of quidditch to the City of Campbelltown during the Fishers Ghost Parade.

Some words from team members about the day.

“I think the day was great! The Fishers ghost parade is a great opportunity for us to promote our team locally and I was happy to be apart of it!” ~ Arlyta Andrew

“I had a wonderful time in the parade, showcasing our team to the public and seeing all the kids get excited about seeing ‘hermione’ or ‘the dementors!’ It was a great experience, and I look forward to taking part again next year.” ~ Julia Baston

“The chance to show the communities quidditch team in a public event being the Fishers Ghost Parade was fun and exciting. It was great seeing the faces of many kids and adults being interested and intrigued by the sport. I am looking forward to many more years to come” ~ Jasmine Robinson

Fishers Ghost Stall


There wasn’t a witch or wizard who didn’t check out the Macarthur Weasleys stall at the Fishers Ghost Street Fair. The Weasleys took part in a local festival the previous weekend that opened the dialogue between the quidditch community and Campbelltown.

The stall provided the opportunity for the club to get the word out about the sport and fundraise for projects the club is working on. It seemed that every generation wanted to know what The Macarthur Weasleys were about. The community at large had many questions to ask and we were happy to answer. Merchandise was on offer to society to support the club and team for up and coming projects and events including the National Quidditch Competition (QUAFL) the Weasleys will be competing in for the first time this December 10th and 11th and Wheelchair QWAFl on the 9th.

Some words from various people about the day.

“The opportunity to engage with the community, recruit future players and have people support the club is really great!” ~ Ben Hosford (Weasley Captain and Coach)

“A stall with friendly faces that always greeted those that approached with smiles on their faces. They were very kind and very informative.” ~ Kayla Gill (community member)

The Macarthur Weasleys were proud to be apart of an event like Fishers Ghost and can’t wait to participate again next year. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported the Macarthur Weasleys throughout the Fishers Ghost Festival and made both days happen.

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