Tournament Recap: Newcastle Triwiz 2016

The Weasleys road trip to Newcastle for the September edition of Triwiz was well-anticipated amongst the team, trainings stepped up the intensity and sleep was lost in the weeks before the big day. The Weasleys got a great schedule with the capability to win more than one game on field, however a forfeit led to this number being reduced.


  • Ben Hosford (C) ~ Keeper, Chaser, Beater
  • Jasmine Robinson (VC) ~ Chaser, Seeker
  • Arfy Papadam ~ Beater
  • Dylan Olsen-O’Brien ~ Chaser
  • Jason Taylor ~ Chaser, Beater, Keeper
  • Nic Radoll ~ Beater
  • Arlyta Andrew ~ Chaser, Seeker
  • Maya Andrew ~ Chaser
  • Madeline Chamberlain ~ Chaser
  • David Morrin ~ Keeper
  • Matthew Worboys ~ Chaser, Seeker, Keeper
  • Jake Toovey ~ Chaser, Beater
  • Brodie Macnamara ~ Beater
  • Lincoln Macnamara ~ Keeper, Chaser
  • Heather Bowie ~ Chaser
  • Hayden O-Brien ~ Chaser

Newcastle Fireballs 

The Weasleys most difficult game of the day got out of the way early. The match got off to a good start with the Weasleys breaking down Newcastle’s first offence however, the execution of Newcastle was too strong. They began outrunning the Weasleys defense and they’re physicality was too strong for us when they were on defence. The Weasleys’ opening goal was nothing short of choice, a pinpoint pass by Ben Hosford above the middle hoop was expertly guided in by Lincoln Macnamara. Newcastle’s beaters showcased their infamous skill against us which assisted in their victory.

FINAL SCORE: Newcastle 140* def. Weasleys 20

Macquarie Marauders

Perhaps the second biggest disappointment of the day was the failure to improve upon our previous result against Macquarie. The match was slow and rife with stoppages, it was a match that most Weasleys just wanted to end. The highlight of this match was Jasmine Robinson’s and Arlyta Andrew’s seeking against a strong snitch, with several tag touches  the Weasleys were desperate for the extra 30 points but it was not to be. The match ended with lessons learnt for the Weasleys.

FINAL SCORE: Macquarie 140* def. Weasleys 20

Wollongong Warriors

The biggest disappointment of the day wasn’t actually on the day itself, the news came in the lead up to the tournament. That news was that Wollongong would not be fielding a team this tournament. The Weasleys hopes for a quality match and a quality victory were not to come true.

FINAL SCORE: Weasleys 150* def. Wollongong 0 (forfeit)

USYD-B Unbreakables

The match that the Weasleys had been building up to had arrived, the Weasleys newest rival… USYD-B. The match had a slow almost scoreless start but eventually the first half was dominated by the Weasleys with a 50 point lead coming into the seekers being released. First half highlights came from a charging David Morrin, Jake Toovey and Matthew Worboys and some sensational defence from Maya Andrew and Heather Bowie. The second half slowed down for the Weasleys but sped up for USYD-B, with their defensive seeking they gained bludger control and began scoring again eventually bringing them within 30 points. The highlights from the second half were brought to you by excellent beating from Jason Taylor and Brodie Macnamara, as the game went on and on our beaters supplied the team with the support we needed as our lead dwindled down to 20 points. A snitch catch from USYD-B was called as no good and the match continued, the seeker game became the focus as the match ticked past 34 minutes. Arlyta Andrew and Matthew Worboys had runs at the snitch in an attempt to bring it home for the Weasleys, our main seeker Jasmine Robinson returned to the field. Jasmine carved up the field attempting to catch the snitch when the eerily familiar noise of velcro tearing rang across the field, brooms down was called as Jasmine held the tag in her hand almost casually then she threw her arms in the air as the Weasleys catch was called legitimate and the Weasleys swarmed the field in celebration.

FINAL SCORE: Weasleys 130* def. USYD-B 80 

The trip to Newcastle was a good one with the Weasleys bringing home two wins with one being on field. There were 3 debutants this triwiz; Jake Toovey, Matthew Worboys and David Morrin, all 3 of these players scored goals at their debut triwiz and impressed their teammates. Our player of the tournament went to Jasmine Robinson for her supply of excellent chasing and seeking across the day. Come along as a player or supporter at the Weasleys next tournament where we travel to Macquarie University for the Triwiz state finals!

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