Tournament Recap: Canberra Triwiz 2016

The Macarthur Weasleys recently went to the August Triwizard Tournament in Canberra. This tournament marks the first fully-ranked matches the Weasleys have played. The Weasleys came with high hopes for victory against USYD-B and well-fought matches against ANU, Macquarie, and Western Sydney.


  • Ben Hosford (C) ~ Keeper, Chaser, Beater
  • Jasmine Robinson (VC) ~ Chaser, Seeker
  • Arfy Papadam ~ Beater
  • Dylan Olsen-O’Brien ~ Chaser, Seeker
  • Jason Taylor ~ Chaser, Keeper
  • Nic Radoll ~ Beater
  • Arlyta Andrew ~ Chaser
  • Maya Andrew ~ Chaser
  • Madeline Chamberlain ~ Chaser
  • Morgyn Benstead ~ Beater

USYD-B Unbreakables 

The hopes for victory at this Triwiz rested on this match and confidence wasn’t in short supply amongst the Weasleys as they huddled together and chanted in their pre-match warm-up. The match was stopped almost instantly with a sliding into contact call against a Weasleys chaser however, that didn’t hinder the Weasleys much as their form was excellent through the first half. With the Weasleys lead extending to a stunning 60-10 at one point, highlight goals came from a charging Jason Taylor and Ben Hosford with the path being cleared by the Weasley Beaters. The defensive form was a highlight of this match as well with great scramble defense from Jasmine Robinson and Arlyta Andrew. One could argue that there was no clear shift in the Weasleys form as the tide of goals from USYD-B came from a star player and the Weasleys defense was weakened. USYD-B never came within winning range only ever close enough to bring it to overtime as the match dragged on because of the Unbreakables defensive seeking. The score climbed to 100-70 as the Weasleys form dwindled, the unmistakable sound of a brooms down whistle came as every Weasley player turned their head to the snitch to see the tag in the hands of the USYD-B seeker, the scorekeeper announced the scores as level. Overtime began poorly for the Weasleys with a quick goal however the Weasleys returned the favor equalizing the score yet again. The scores remained level until 2 fast break goals came from USYD-B. The full-time whistle rang out the score was announced and it was not what the Weasleys were hoping for.

FINAL SCORE: USYD-B: 100* (130) def Weasleys: 100 (110)

Macquarie Marauders

The Weasleys began their warm-ups before their match with Macquarie and as soon as the legs started moving the rain unleashed upon the field. Players began putting their jumpers on beneath their jerseys as feeling in their hands became absent, the rain continued to bucket down when brooms up was called then Macquarie opened up the scoring with several quick goals. Jason Taylor brought the Weasleys onto the scoreboard with a great goal, then around the 8-minute mark the hail started and the match was stopped for an hour.  The rain cleared and the match restarted, the Weasleys took to the field with a revised game plan and it worked. Good work on defense and great work on offense meant by the time seekers were released it was around 100-60 to Macquarie, the Macquarie offense was growing frustrated with how good the Weasleys marking was, with no opportunities being made. The Weasleys got another goal bringing it within range of overtime, shortly after this the snitch was caught by the Macquarie seeker ending the match.

FINAL SCORE: Macquarie: 130* def Weasleys: 70

ANU Owls

As the Weasleys began the second half of their day they ventured further into the more difficult matches. ANU took an early lead when the Weasleys got back at them with a great goal. The scoring was slow in the first half with ANU increasing their lead slowly. When it passed the middle of the game Jason Taylor got a long shot in from just past half-way. As the game drifted on the Weasleys defense failed several times but succeeded even more, however offense was where the Weasleys were left disappointed. The ball made its way up the field well but failed in the keeper zone, with this lack of execution the Weasleys score couldn’t increase. Although a near perfect example of execution came from the Weasleys when Dylan Olsen-O’Brien received a pass then offloaded it to Arlyta Andrew which she then dunked through the hoop. The match was mostly uneventful other than some good defense from the Weasleys until ANU caught the snitch.

FINAL SCORE: ANU: 160* def Weasleys: 30

Western Sydney Spartans

The final match of the Weasleys day was always going to be the most difficult and it lived up to it’s less than desirable expectation. The match got off a somewhat silly start with the referee blowing his whistle instead of calling ‘brooms up’, this meant the Weasleys took this as the start and ran to the balls which led to Jason Taylor putting the quaffle through the hoop. The referee called the players back to their starting positions and the goal was disallowed. After the referee called the real ‘brooms up’ the undefeated Western Sydney put goal after goal past the Weasleys defense and a tired Weasley squad couldn’t do much in return, although the Weasleys goal came from a Hosford long shot. The match dragged on with occasional good plays from the Weasleys and several cases of questionable reffing from the ref team. Possibly the most questionable call was when Maya Andrew scored the Weasleys second goal which was bizarrely disallowed. The match was ended with a Western Sydney snitch catch.

FINAL SCORE: UWS: 250* def Weasleys: 10

Although the Macarthur Weasleys didn’t claim any victories this tournament it was a class performance all day from the Weasleys, playing their first fully-ranked matches they fought admirably.  With 2 debutants;  Maya Andrew and Madeline Chamberlain who played well in their first tournament and Dylan Olsen O’Brien made his anticipated comeback. The player of the tournament was awarded to beater Arfy Papadam for his excellent form across the day. Join us next tournament where we head to Newcastle for the September Triwiz!

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